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Add Multiple Products to Quotation


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Sales (sale)
Invoicing (account)

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Now salesman can add multiple products to sale quotation much easier than ever.


The module will assist the salesperson in seamless searching of the product and adding that particular product to the quotation/sale order without navigating back to the quotation. Salesman can simply click on the “Add to Quotation” icon and can add multiple products to the opened quotation. The module will save the time of your sales team and the customers.

A smart button in sale quotation form view to select multiple products directly
to the quotation.
Shows all the products in Kanban, list and form view.
Select multiple products at a time.
Reduces time and increases efficiency.

Additional information


V11.0, V12.0


A smart button named “Add Products” will appear in sale quotation form.


Once the salesman clicks on the button, a kanban view of the products will be displayed.
Click the button “Add to Quotation” to add that product to the corresponding quotation.


In list view, press the + button to add product to the quotation directly.

Once the salesman click on a product, a form view of that product will be displayed.
Click the button “Add to Quotation” in order to add that product into the opened quotaution.

Selected products have been inserted in the opened quotations’ order line.


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