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Dynamic Financial Reports


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Dynamic Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Reports

Key Highlights
Drill-down approach enabled.
Access the journal entries.
Landscape and portrait modes.

Do you want to show balance sheet & Profit and loss report in screen and examine it? Don’t worry, here we provide a plugin option to show balance sheet & profit and loss report with drill down option.

This module comes under Odoo accounting. It facilitates the dynamic financial report of balance sheet and profit & loss in both landscape as well as portrait mode. In the landscape mode, we can configure which section to appear in the left and which side to appear in the right. We can drill down from the main report to the journal entries associated with each accounts .One can open the form view of each journal entries and view complete details here.

For the landscape mode report, we need to configure the sequence of the reports. From the Accounting -> Configuration -> Financial Reports ->Account Reports. Report with sequence ‘0’ will be shown in the left side and report with sequence ‘1’ will be shown in the right side for both the Balance sheet and P & L.
For the portrait mode report, the configuration is similar. Report ordering will be based on the sequence values. The one with sequence ‘0’ will be arranged first followed by the report with sequence ‘1’.

Additional information


V11.0, V12.0



Landscape mode

Portrait mode

After the installation, a new menu, ‘Dynamic Reports’ will be appeared. This menu will open a new wizard where we can select the report, date duration, type of report, etc.


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