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Gantt View

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Gantt View for Scheduling in Project Module

Introducing the Gantt view to Odoo 12 community version. This can be used for scheduling your tasks. Similar tasks will be grouped together.

The module is depended on Gantt View. After installing the module, define the ‘Deadline’ for each project and tasks to view the Gantt charts.

In the Gantt view, similar records will be grouped together having a link to the parent record. The project progress will be shown along with the parent record. One can simply drag and drop the records for changing the date duration. This action automatically gets reflected in the backend as well. In case you are dragging the child records, you may need to use the reload button at the top for affecting the changes to the parent record. There are five types of views available. They are ‘Quarter Day’, ‘Half Day’, ‘Day’, ‘Week’ and ‘Month’.

Drag and drop records.
Project progress.
Link between similar tasks.
Five Modes of view.

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V11.0, V12.0



User get the privilege to view his tasks in the particular form as seen in the screen shot. Also there will be option to view the tasks based on particular time periods like day view as shown in the screenshot


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