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Calculates incentive for salesperson based on sale target in gamification.

Are you missing the incentive calculation for your sales team in Odoo? We Cybrosys technologies bring forth a solution to it. The app enables the company to efficiently calculate the sales person’s incentive based on his achieved target. The user can set the incentive calculation based on the invoiced amount/received amount. In addition, the module also provisions the user to track the status of the incentive payment and thereby aid account team to update the status of both paid and unpaid, and thereby enter the same in accounts.
Now seamlessly design, track and pay the sales incentives of your employee. To know more about the Sales Incentive app built in Odoo V12, refer our blog Sales Incentives: An Odoo V12 App

Generates incentive for sale target given in gamification based on:
Linear Method
Tiered Commission Plan
Calculates incentive based on:
Fixed amount

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V11.0, V12.0


Sales manager can set challenge for salesperson. Go to CRM –> Challenges –> Challenges and select sales challenge to be used for incentive calculation. Select ‘Use in incentive calculation‘ to use this challenge in incentive calculation. You can set periodicity as ‘Monthly’, ‘weekly’, ‘yearly’ and the incentive will be calculated based on these dates. You can set the target value to reach. The incentive calculation will be based on this target.

Go to CRM –> Challenges –> Goals and you can see the target set for the challenge and achievement made by each salesperson. Based on this target and achievement, incentive can be calculated for each salesperson.


You can create the method of incentive calculation in CRM –> Challenges –> Incentive Scheme. Select ‘linear or Tiered Commission Plan‘ as the method for calculation. In the ‘achievement%‘ column, you can give the minimum achievement percentage to be reached for getting incentive. In the ‘reward‘ column, specify the reward when this achievement% is reached. If the ‘Type’ column is selected as ‘percentage‘, then reward column will be considered as percentage of amount to be given for this achievement. If ‘Type’ is ‘amount‘, then reward will be the amount specified in the reward column. Click on ‘compute incentive‘ button to calculate incentive based on the given settings.


If the selected method is ‘linear‘, then ‘compute incentive‘ will calculate incentive based on linear method. For example, if the target is 10,00,000 and the achievement is 6,90,000, that is 69%, incentive for this will be calculated in the 50% slab. So, Incentive for upto 50% achievement is 2%, so incentive will be 2% of achievement(690,000). i,e.13800. If type is given as amount, then that amount will be given as incentive. In 70% slab, incentive is given as amount 10,000. So, for 89% achievement, incentive will be 10,000 as given in the slab settings. The lowest achievement% given in slab settings will be considered as minimum achievement percentage. You can set the amount to be given for each achievement in the settings.

If the selected method is ‘Tiered Commission Plan‘, then ‘compute incentive‘ will calculate incentive based on incremental basis. For example, Consider target is 10,00,000 and achievement is 6,90,000. The reward for 50% in slab is 2% and reward for 70% in slab is 10,000. Target is 10,00,000 so, we take 50% of target ,that is 5,00,000 and give 2% reward for 5,00,000. that is 10,000. Remaining 19% will be given reward of next achievement% specified in the slab settings. Considering 70% as next achievement specified in slab settings and reward for 70% is 10,000 and type is amount. So incentive for the remaining achievement of 19% will be 10,000. Total incentive becomes 20,000. If type selected is percentage, then incentive will be reward for remaining percentage.


You can submit the incentives for approval when the end date is reached. If incentive is calculated on monthly basis, then it can be submitted for approval at the end of the month. Refresh the challenge to get the next month calculations and to submit previous month incentives for approval. To refresh challenge, go to CRM –> Challenges –> Challenges and select the challenge used in incentive calculation, click on ‘refresh challenge‘ button. Now when you compute the incentive again, you can submit the previous month incentives by clicking on ‘Submit for approval‘.


Then status will become ‘submitted to accountant’ and the submitted incentives will be send for approval.

Accountant can see the submitted incentives in Invoicing –> Incentive –> Incentives to Approve


Accountant can approve or reject the submitted incentives.

If approved, then state changes to paid and journal entry will be created for this incentive in draft state. If rejected, then status changes to rejected

Approved incentives will have an entry in the journal as draft.




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